HOLLYWOOD, CA – Playwright and Author, Charron Monaye presents her theatrical production, “Get Out Of Your Own Way”.

Coerced to finally tell the truth, Carrie is forced to disrupt lives, while trying to protect her daughter. “Get Out Of Your Own Way” tells the story of how far one woman will go to save the people she loves. After being able to accept an ugly incident from her past, Carrie Williams learns how to be comfortable with the new life she created that was until her abuser is released from prison and learns that the decisions she made were the reason for her friend’s demise.

“The original script was written in 2013, which emphasized the importance of self-discovery, while reminding people that the only thing that was hindering their dreams, was themselves,” says Charron Monaye. However, after receiving the green light in 2018, the storyline changed to incorporate current social issues that have become necessary conversations. Such as: homosexuality, sexual assault, personal sabotage, and hiding crucial secrets that can save lives.

The play premiered at Complex On Santa Monica (6476 Santa Monica Boulevard Hollywood, CA 90038) October 5-7, 2018. Ms. Monaye sold out 3 out of 5 shows, and is now heading on a 1 Encore and 4 City Tour. The tour is being executively produced by Tyrone Chandler and Directed by Parenthysis E. Gardner.

Cleveland ~ April 20, 2019

Texas ~ July 20, 2019

Red Carpet Interview with the Playwright & Producer

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What are people saying?:

I very much enjoyed the stage play, Get Out Of Your Own Way. The writing was strong, production design was good, and the audience interaction for the comedy parts was a very creative touch. I am looking forward to the follow-up play.
Janeshia Adams-Ginyard
DesignAmerican stunt woman famous for her role in Black Pantherer
Get Out Of Your Own Way, was moving, entertaining, funny and revealing. What a riveting performance by Elizabeth Dionna the bar owner. I loved the tough love, give it to me straight deliverance she brought to the stage. Kudos to the Writer and Director Team for a brilliant display of Theater.
Nancy Alvarado
I thoroughly enjoyed this production. My friends and I did not know what to expect when we got to the theater. But we had a good time. It was funny, sad, and relevant for the times. I am a writer and director myself and I have to say the lighting, the music, the set and the audience interaction was on point. I like the direction and the acting was so heartfelt! Cheers to all of you for a solid production.
Shayla Corbbin
This play was a good Saturday night spent with the one you love production. It had all the elements of love, hurt ,resent, and encouragement I needed. Thank you to the writer and the cast for bringing such a much needed body of work to the stage.
Cristian Monsterritsat

Get Out Of Your Own Way: Overcoming Adversity to Live In Your Truth Out Loud is a collection of personal short stories from C.E.O.’s and Entrepreneurs who have learned the valuable lesson of focusing on Faith, instead of Fear!

Based on the Hollywood stage play, “Get Out Of Your Own Way”, written by Charron Monaye, this book will showcase individuals who are willing to share their truth on how they’ve overcome adversity, set-backs, financial foes, fear, and stagnation in order to show up in life authentically and unapologetically. They will remind people that in the midst of the storm, the vision and goals prayed for are forthcoming. When your test is your testimony, your truth is the key to set others free. Somebody is waiting for you to release them!